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Science labs

Independent Study Program

Oceanside Unified Schools are closed UNTIL further notice

Meal services will continue at designated sites.

More info and resources at

Please contact your AARC staff via email or by referencing the Ditmar, ECHS or OHS AARC websites on the right. 

Take care and stay healthy!

Our mission

To ensure that every student graduates and has the ability to succeed in the global community.

DITMAR staff


Eric Frandsen - Principal

Wendy Kroenke  - Administrative Secretary


Counseling Dept: (click here for website)

Julie Lariviere  - School Psychologist

Kim Takatsuki  - AARC Counselor/ Coordinator

Anna Rhine - College & Career Technician

Cindy Wallace  - Guidance Technician



Lisa Boyster - Supervising Teacher, AARC

Tina Callahan - Education Specialist

Suzanne Femia - Supervising Teacher, AARC

Joy Francis - Supervising Teacher, AARC

Jeremy Hixon - Supervising Teacher, AARC

Diane King  - Supervising Teacher, Middle School

Tiffany Ortega - Supervising Teacher, TK-6

Shawn Pederson - Supervising Teacher, AARC

Bao Vi Tran - Supervising Teacher, AARC

Stephanie Wynne - Supervising Teacher, AARC


Support Staff:

Felicia Andrade - Campus Supervisor

Nicola Cooper - Instructional Assistant

Cherry Daniel - Instructional Assistant, Computer Resources

Shelly Keene - Palomar Family Counseling Therapist

Hannah Otey - Instructional Assistant, Computer Resources

Tiffany Ryder - School Resource Officer

Jensen Shirley EdD - MS Palomar Family Counseling Therapist

Maritza Sosa - School Community Advisor

Donald Vivian - Campus Supervisor

How to Enroll

Students, parents or counselors may request admission to the AARC independent study educational setting. The intake process involves the student’s counselor, teacher, parent and the student.

Enrollment is available throughout the school year to establish the independent study program that best meets the student's educational goals and needs.

Academic Offerings

  • High School
    • Academic Acceleration and Recovery Center (AARC) 
      • UC/CSU College Prep coursework:  Online and Blended
      • Credit Recovery:  Individualized instruction and support
  • Middle School
  • TK-6th Grade
    • Home School
    • Virtual School
    • Independent Study


Ditmar AARC, Middle School & Elementary programs:         (760) 901-8600

El Camino High School AARC: (760) 901-8100

Oceanside High School AARC: (760) 901-8300



El Camino High School  AARC

Oceanside High School  AARC

Ditmar AARC
1125 S. Ditmar St.
Oceanside, CA 92049

Instructional Focus

Every student will demonstrate their thinking both verbally and in writing to show understanding of their learning.


Vince Daughrity  -Counselor/Coordinator

Dave Bennett  - Supervising Teacher

Jenifer McKinley  - Supervising Teacher

Pam Sholly  - Supervising Teacher

Erik Wilhovsky  - Supervising Teacher

Jill Rizzuto  - Guidance Technician

Paula Jarvis  - Instructional Assistant, Computer Resources

Samantha Nuno -  School Community Advisor



Brad Simi  -Counselor/Coordinator

Amanda Bruckner - Supervising Teacher

Rene Ortega - Supervising Teacher

Karen Hookano  - Guidance Technician

Esther Navarro  - School Community Advisor

Alex Parrott - Instructional Assistant Computer Resources