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Class of 2019 Information

Our mission

To ensure that every student graduates and has the ability to succeed in the global community.


Instructional Focus

Every student will demonstrate their thinking both verbally and in writing to show understanding of their learning.

Principal's Corner


Science labs

Independent Study Program

Academic acceleration and recovery center

golden bell award

Clair Burgener AARC has been chosen as a recipient of the 2018 Golden Bell Award.  This award recognizes outstanding public school programs for innovation, sustainability, and best practices that facilitate positive student outcomes. The Golden Bell Awards are sponsored by the California School Boards Association (CSBA) and reflect the depth and breadth of the educational programs provided by the CB AARC staff and the district’s governance decisions in support of the program.

CB AARC serves more than 350 students through an independent study program that offers a personalized learning model for each student. This alternative learning environment allows students to customize schedules to fit their own unique needs and allows them to complete classes at an accelerated rate. The dedicated and caring staff at CB AARC focus on individualized support for students who may otherwise be at risk of not graduating by challenging each student to take responsibility for their own success. As students complete coursework and earn required credits they also learn invaluable social and life skills along the way.


“It is such an honor for our school community to receive this award. It represents and celebrates, the hard work and dedication that our students, teachers, and support staff put in to each day here at Clair Burgener Academy,” said, Principal Dr. Jessica Poumele.


CSBA was officially presented the Golden Bell Awards at the 2018 recognition reception and ceremony on November 29, 2018 in San Francisco. CSBA is the non-profit education association representing the elected officials who govern public school districts and county offices of education. With a membership of nearly 1,000 educational agencies statewide, CSBA brings together school governing boards and district and county office administrators to advocate for effective policies that advance the education and well-being of the state’s more than 6 million school-age children. Learn more at


Attention Seniors! FAFSA Window is OPEN!

All seniors who are planning to attend community college, a four year university, a trade school, etc... must complete the FAFSA- Federal Student Aid online application. The earlier you apply, the more money you can get to help pay for tuition, books, housing, etc....


Please see your counselor for assistance.

How to Enroll

Students, parents or counselors may request admission to the independent study educational setting. The intake process involves the student’s counselor, teacher, parent and the student.

Enrollment is available throughout the school year to establish the Independent Study contract that best meets the student's educational needs


Latest newspaper article about our program

Elementary program bridges school, home school students as reported in the Coast News.  Read the newspaper article here.

mira costa rapid registration help

Visit the Mira Costa College Rapid Registration site to get information on Mira Costa registration.

clair burgener aarc staff
Independent Study Staff

AARC independent study program expands for 2018-19

Oceanside CA— In an effort to stem the flow of students to charter schools and provide them with more flexible ways to get an education, the Oceanside Unified School District has come up with a unique new program to meet the needs of students. Simply titled ‘Non-Traditional Education’, the program offers a blending of traditional schooling and independent study with teachers and online academic courses.


“We wanted to offer an alternative to the charter school experience, what ever that may be,” explained Dr. Jessica Poumele, Principal at the Clair Burgener Learning Center, 707 Carey Road, the main campus for the program. “We decided to meet the students and families where they are. Meaning, students can come in every day for two, three or four hours a day or they can come in once a week or even Skype us. As long as we are getting their work and they are progressing through their classes, then we’re good.” continued Dr. Poumele, “We have all kinds of support to offer. Whatever the student and the family needs.”


Read the full article at

Academic Offerings

UC/College Prep:  Online and Blended Courses

Contract Learning:  UC Options with weekly meetings

Direct Instruction:  Modified curriculum with on campus class meetings

Credit Recovery:  Individualized  instruction

Middle School

TK - 5    Home School/Virtual School/Independent Study

Contact Information

Jessica Poumele Ed.D



760-757-1636 FAX



Clair Burgener AARC

707 Carey Road, Oceanside, Ca 92054


El Camino High School  AARC

400 Rancho Del Oro Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056


Oceanside High School  AARC

1 Pirates Cove, Oceanside, CA 92054 


Transitional K - grade 5 Home School/Virtual School/Independent Study

1125 S Ditmar, Oceanside, CA 92049





Jessica Poumele  Principal

Shawn Pederson  Supervising Teacher

Jeremy Hixon  Supervising Teacher

Joy Francis Supervising Teacher

Suzanne Femia  Supervising Teacher

Kim Takatsuki  Counselor/Coordinator

Stephanie Wynne  Supervising Teacher

Tina Callahan  Supervising Teacher

Mark Jonas Supervising Teacher

Bao Vi Tran  Supervising Teacher

Diane King  Supervising Teacher

Lisa Boyster Supervising Teacher

Valeria Robinson  Administrative Secretary

Cherry Daniel  Instructional Assistant Computer Resources

Hannah Otey Instructional Assistant Computer Resources

Guillermina Oceguera School Community Advisor

Nicola Cooper  Instructional Assistant

Felicia Andrade Campus Supervisor

David Unrath  Campus Supervisor

Christina Payton  Palomar Family Counseling Therapist

Jensen Shirley EdD, MS Palomar Family Counseling Therapist

Cindy Wallace  Guidance Technician

Derek Moehlenbruck  School Psychologist

Mike Taele School Resource Officer


Jessica Poumele  Principal

Dave Bennett  Supervising Teacher

Jenifer McKinley  Supervising Teacher

Erik Wilhovsky  Supervising Teacher

Pam Sholly  Supervising Teacher

Paula Jarvis  Instructional Assistant Computer Resources

Jill Rizzuto  Guidance Technician

Samantha Nuno  School Community Advisor

Vince Daughrity  Counselor/Coordinator


Jessica Poumele  Principal

Amanda Bruckner Supervising Teacher

Rene Ortega Supervising Teacher

Karen Hookano  Guidance Technician

Alex Parrott Instructional Assistant Computer Resources

Esther Navarro  School Community Advisor

Brad Simi   Counselor/Coordinator


Jessica Poumele  Principal

Tiffany Ortega Supervising Teacher