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Health Services

School Nurses

The school nurse is a registered nurse with a public health certificate. Additionally, she or he is credentialed in health services by the Teacher's Commission on Credentialing. Functions of the school nurse include but are not limited to state mandated hearing and vision screening and scoliosis screening. School nurses supervise unlicensed personnel in the health office in medication administration, first aid and specialized procedures. Generally, school nurses work at several school sites so they must respond to emergencies by phone. The nurse is a member of the special education team where she serves as a consultant. The school nurse also assists families and students by offering counseling and referrals to physicians, mental health workers, and dentists as well as other public agencies. The school nurse is the supervising staff member on campus educated in health care and is often the first contact for children with health problems. The school nurse also works with families to ensure that they are meeting the State requirements for entrance to school.

Health Clerks

Each of our sites has a Health Clerk available to assist you with the health needs of your student. Our health clerks are supervised and trained by our school nurses. They are first aid and CPR certified. Health clerks work hand in hand with their school nurse, to ensure appropriate services are available for each student.

In addition to working with the nurses, health clerks provide a variety of services. For example, they assist students on a daily basis who are ill or injured, dispense medications, review immunizations, maintain health records, and provide medical procedures under the direction of the school nurse. Please contact them if you have any questions about your student's health related needs.

Home/Hospital Instruction

The Student Services department will assist in arranging for home/hospital instruction for any student who is temporarily disabled by an accident or by a physical, mental or emotional illness. A home/hospital instruction request must be verified by a licensed physician or school psychologist.  The form “Referral For Home/Hospital Instruction” may be obtained in our school offices or at the Student Services department.

If you are not sure if your child meets the home/hospital requirements, please contact Dan Daris at 760-966-7862 to assist you with this matter.

Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program Information


Programa de Salud para la Prevención de Discapacidades en Niños y Jóvenes (CHDP)