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Respiratory Protection Program

Maintenance & Operations

Maintenance and Operations is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe learning environment for our students and staff at our 25 school sites.  Along with these, we maintain the facilities located at our District Offices, Transportation and Warehouse. Our departments consist of:


Cleaning of facilities and maintaining campuses.


Landscaping and Pest Control


Audio Visual / Fire Alarms / Intercoms



General Maintenance





Any non-emergency needs are handled through a work order generated at the site and sent via inter-office mail.  Emergency requests are called into the Maintenance Office.

It is our goal to service all sites expediently to ensure the best learning environment possible for our students.

If for any reason there is a concern regarding our facilities, feel free to contact Maintenance & Operations.

Maintenance Office

Mitchell Maynard
Interim Director    Maintenance & Operations 
Tel: 760-966-4036

Mark Kummelehne
Lead Maintenance
Tel: 760-966-7844

Harry Torrence
Lead Buildings & Grounds
Tel: 760-966-7810

Joshua Meyer
Lead Custodian
Tel: 760-966-7815

Sandra Gonzalez
Administrative Secretary II
Tel: 760-966-7847

Christina E. Smith
Office Assistant
Tel: 760-966-7812