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Nutritional Information

 OUSD Nutrition Services is the recipient of the "Outstanding School Lunch Award" 

The National School Lunch Program makes it possible for all school children in the U.S. to receive a nutritionally balanced meal every school day. 

In our school cafeterias, we also serve whole grain rich items and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the fruit and vegetables served on our salad bars are grown in California, including local farms and school gardens. 

In the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, our objective is to plan weekly menus that meet the State and Federal nutrition goals when averaged over a school week.  

If you have questions regarding the nutritional information listed,
you may contact us at 760-966-4095.


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"We are Proud to Feed the Future to Enhance a Healthy Learning Environment so that Every Student Graduates"

Nutrition Matters
Sample Nutrition Facts Label of a potato