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Organizational Chart

District Organizational Chart

Board of Trustees 

Ann Corwin


Emily Ortiz Wichmann

Vice President

Eleanor Juanita Evans 

Clerk of the Board  

Mike Blessing 


Robert "Camo" Gleisberg 





Julie A. Vitale, Ph.D.

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Ann Givens 


Communications - Matthew Jennings

Associate Superintendent

Dr. Mercedes Lovie

Executive Assistant

Annie Donner

Educational Support Services - Senior Director of Academic Excellence and Innovation Vicki Gravlin

 Student Services - Director, Dr. Jordy Sparks

Special Education - Director, James Wood

Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services

Dr. Shannon Soto

Executive Assistant

Colette Leyva

Fiscal Services - Director, Dawn Cambell

Transportation - Director, Linda Horton

Technology - Chief Technology Officer, Greg Moon

Maintenance and Operation and Facilities  - Director, Steven Monsanto

Nutrition Services - Director, Naomi Shadwell 

Associate Superintendent Human Resources

Dr. Todd McAteer

Executive Assistant

Elvia Levrier

Certificated Personnel - Director, Dr. Alan Honeycutt 

Classified Personnel - Director, Jolie Napier-Vea

Workers' Compensation - Michiyo Davis