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Middle School

Middle School AARC

In an effort to provide students with more flexible ways to get an education, the Oceanside Unified School District has a unique program to meet the needs of students. The program offers a blending of traditional schooling and independent study with teachers and online academic courses.

how to enroll

Students, parents or counselors may request admission to the AARC Independent study educational setting. The intake process involves the student’s counselor, teacher, parent and the student.

Enrollment is available throughout the school year to establish the AARC Independent Study contract that best meets the student's educational needs.

Middle School Graduates 2018
Middle School Graduates 2018

contact information

Wendy Kroenke  (760) 901-8604


Eric Frandsen - Principal

Diane King - Supervising Teacher

Wendy Kronke - Administrative Secretary

Cindy Wallace - Guidance Technician

start planning for life after high school provides middle school students the opportunity to start planning for life after high school.  They can take career assessments and use search tools to develop college, major, and career lists, write goals and journals, track activities, and read a variety of age-appropriate content to develop and explore their knowledge.