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Product & Pricing Information

Astrobright Paper

OUSD Print Shop stocks cases that you can order if you just need a ream or two!  If you need/want to order from the Print Shop, please complete a publication request form and send it to the Print Shop.  The Print Shop stocks these 8 colors:

Lunar Blue              Solar Yellow    

Re-entry Red          Terra Green

Planetary Purple     Pulsar Pink

Terrestrial Teal        Gamma Green

Pricing is as follows:

Ream of 500 sheets (regular weight) - $7.40 each

Ream of 250 sheets (cardstock) - $7.50 each

If you need an entire case of any color, please enter a requisition in PeopleSoft.  The supplier is Vertiv (dba Xpedx), #101159.  The cost is $63.07 per case.  Please add the following to the description and comments, “reference bid #B 16-01”.

NCEPC Bid Information

Looking for better pricing on every day items?  Go to the NCEPC website to see the pricing available on the current bids.

*When you order items listed in these documents, please include "per NCEPC bid" in the description on your PeopleSoft requisition.

Depending on what you need to purchase, find the appropriate bid on the Current Contracts list:

Art Supplies, grades K-6
Art Supplies, grades 7-12
Audio Visual Supplies (including projectors, headsets and carts)
Furniture and Equipment
LCD Projector Lamps
Library Supplies and Equipment
Office and Classroom Supplies
Science Supplies

Two-way Radios

Two-way radios and replacement batteries are ordered through Communications USA, supplier #106060.  Submit a requisition through PeopleSoft.

*When you order radios and/or batteries, please include "per OUSD website pricing" in the description on your PeopleSoft requisition.

Radio pricing is as follows:

Motorola CP200D $288.00 + tax

Radios include battery, belt clip, individual drop-in charger, antenna, and Motorola 2-year limited warranty

Battery pricing is as follows:

Li-ion Battery 2190 MAH for CP200D $62.00 + tax

Item #NNTN4497CR

Business Cards

Business cards are ordered through Aloha Enterprises, supplier #011008. Please use the template below when ordering business cards. All cards will be 2-sided.  Save a PDF of the completed template on your desktop, enter a requisition through PeopleSoft and attach your template to the requisition in the comments section.

*When you order business cards, please include "per OUSD website pricing" in the description on your PeopleSoft requisition.

Pricing is as follows:

Qty. 250 = $28.00 + tax

Qty. 500 = $40.00 + tax

OUSD Aloha Enterprises Business Card Template

Lenovo Student Chromebooks

When you order student Chromebooks, please include "per Lenovo WSCA CA Lenovo NASPO MNWNC-117" in the description on your PeopleSoft requisition. No quote is needed to order.

Description: Lenovo 100e Chromebook G-2

Vendor Contract: Arey Jones

Storage: 32GB eMMC 5.1


Processor: MediaTek MT8173C

Battery: Integrated 42 Wh

Price: $159.88 each 

E-waste: $5.00 cost

Chrome Education Upgrade License: $24.00