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School of Choice

Open Enrollment School of Choice (SOC)

For the 2019-20 School Year

School of Choice:  January 14 - March 29, 2019


The Oceanside Unified School District Board of Education maintains its commitment to provide educational choices to families to meet the diverse needs of all students. The district’s Open Enrollment School of Choice (SOC) Policy (5116.1) is regulated by space availability.  The following schools are capped for the 2019-20 school year due to enrollment being at capacity: 


▪          El Camino High School 

▪          King Middle School 

▪          Ivey Ranch Elementary School

▪          South Oceanside Elementary School

▪          Foussat Elementary School

▪          North Terrace


Only those applicants eligible for priority “B” (sibling will be at requested site), “C” (feeder pattern), or “D” (parent/guardian is an OUSD employee at the requested site) will be allowed to apply for these capped schools.


SOC applications will only be available at the Educational Support Services Office at 2080 Mission Ave. in Oceanside.


  • If your child is currently on a SOC and will remain at the same school next year—there is no need to reapply. 
  • If your child is entering kindergarten, 6th or 9th grade, you need to apply for a SOC for the 2019-20 school year if you want your child to attend a school other than their school of residence.
  • Only applications received during Open Enrollment will be considered in the lottery process for School of Choice placement.  This is not a first come, first served arrangement.  All applications date stamped within Open Enrollment (Jan. 14 – Mar. 29) are given the same consideration within their priority categories.
  • NO e-mails, faxes, mail, or interoffice mail will be accepted.
  • Two forms of address verification must be presented with the application. Acceptable proofs of address are current utility bills, a cable bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement.  If these forms of verification are not in your name because you live with someone else, a completed Shared Residency form will be required.
  • Parents will be notified of decision by mail to the address on the application.  Notifications will begin going out at the end of May.  Please do not call to check on the progress of your application as answering these calls takes away from our time to process applications.
  • Transportation is not provided for any student approved for School Of Choice.
  • There will NOT be an appeal process for School of Choice.  If we are able to process your request we will.  However if there are more requests than seats, the lottery process is the “non-biased” method our School Board has approved.


For questions or concerns regarding SOC (other than status of application), please contact:

Educational Support Services
Student Services Department
2080 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA  92058
(760) 966-7849 or (760) 966-7802